7 Commonly Violated OSHA Standards That Result in Work Injury Claims

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OSHA standards refer to Occupational Safety and Health Administration standards. These are the safety measures and regulations set up to protect workers and to prevent injuries in the workplace.

When these rules are violated, injuries reported cause death, temporary or permanent disability. Most people fail to get compensation yet the workplace injuries render them useless at their homes, as they are unable to fend for their loved ones. As a result, the best lawyers in Atlanta, who care about your safety have come in to help.

They will help you get compensation for social security disability, construction site accidents, and workers’ compensation. A company will be sued when they are in violation of the standards set for the items listed below:

1. Respiratory protection

If your workplace exposes you to dust, fumes, smoke, harmful gases or any other respiratory hazard, then they are required by law to offer respiratory protection wear and programs. If not, then you may fall sick and unfortunately, most of the diseases suffered are fatal. They include lung cancers or mesothelioma.

Stokes and Kopitsky Atlanta lawyers have represented many of these cases and they will offer you proper representation and compensation to you and/or your family.

2. Scaffolding

Construction sites are expected to provide workers with well-maintained scaffolds with no faults. However, when they allow workers to use the scaffolds but give them faulty or old, then the site owners will be responsible for any injuries, disabilities or deaths that result from such negligence.

3. Ladders

The US Department of Labor requires that sites and businesses provide the best ladder fall protection systems to their workers. When a worker is injured from a ladder fall, and the company is in contravention of these requirements, then they will be found liable and will have to compensate the injured person and their family.

4. Failure to communicate hazards

An employer has a tortuous role where it is there responsibility to care for their workers by communicating to them the existence of a safety hazard in the workplace. Accidents occurring because the company fails to communicate make a company liable for injuries to the worker.

5. Control of hazardous energy

“Tag-out” and “Lockout” are important procedures expected of a company when machinery is being used or maintained because of the hazardous energy associated with the machinery. A company should protect its employees from accidental start-ups that can cause fatal injuries. If in violation of this requirement, then you will be liable to compensate the family or the injured.

6. Electrical wiring and system designs

Violations of either of these electrical standards lead to injuries and sometimes death. Electrocution is rampant in construction sites and it’s up to site managers and developers to ensure that the best electrical designs are used in these sites to protect the workers.

7. Powered trucks and machinery requirements

Forklifts, dump trucks, guillotine cutters, power presses, power saws etc. contribute to most work injuries. Employers should stipulate the safety measures in place when using any of this equipment. Guards and direction for use should also be included for new employees to use them appropriately.

In conclusion, violation of rules on the above work systems lead to injuries and the best way of avoiding emotional or economic detriment is by following the set guidelines. Adherence to the standards reduce incidences of falls, electrocution, poisoning, radioactive damage, explosions, asphyxiation, and high compensation costs.

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