5 Tips To Finding An Independant And Caring Attorney Who Is Ethical

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Are you having a problem finding a good lawyer who will represent your best interests in court? We know how important it is to find the best possible attorney, but this can sometimes be a difficult task, especially if you don’t have any sort of legal experience. That’s why we’ve prepared 5 essential tips which will guide you through the process of finding an attorney who will look after your best interests.

Do Your Research

Researching potential candidates are essential to gathering the right information and assessing each candidate’s expertise in their practice area. The best way you can do this is to conduct candidate interviews.

Here are a few of the most important questions you should be asking during your interview:

  • The attorney’s experience in relation to your legal problem.
  • The length of his practice.
  • His success with previous cases that relate to your legal matter.
  • Fees and billing information.

Note: The above should serve you only as a general guide about things to consider prior to setting up a candidate attorney interview. The information may be incomplete and you will need to do more research.

Ask for Recommendations

Ask for recommendations from your friends, family members and/or people you work with. It can be a good way for you to connect with people who know other attorneys, regardless of whether they practice in a different area.

Most importantly, lawyers know their colleagues and their particular set of skills and reputation.

Do a Background Check

You shouldn’t hire any lawyer without conducting a proper background check. The first thing you want to establish is that the attorney who you want to hire has a good reputation. By checking out your State Bar website, you can see the attorney’s credentials, his experience with other clients and other important information.

Finding an ethical lawyer can be tricky, and you will also want to check his peer review ratings. You can do this online by going to a website such as martindale.com. The site provides attorney ratings and reviews you can use to get a complete picture of the attorney’s legal practice and his track record.

Make Sure You Find the Right Person

One of the defining characteristics of a good lawyer is the ability to form a personal, caring relationship with his client. Even if you find the best possible attorney with proven expertise in his area, it will count for little if you’re unable to form a close working relationship.

The first question you need to ask yourself is who will you be working with? You will want an attorney who is friendly and values personal contact with his clients.

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Know Your Needs

If you are to be able to find a good attorney who will look after your best interests, it’s paramount that you know exactly what you want.

Ask yourself the following questions before hiring an attorney:

  • What are the qualities you want in your attorney?
  • Will you be able to work closely with him in the course of the proceedings?
  • What can you do to make it easier for him to represent your interests?