5 Tips to Obtaining Legal Advice on a Budget

Legal Advice

Finding legal help while on a budget can seem like a daunting task. Whether you are starting a business, filing for divorce or suing a former business partner, consulting an attorney can be very expensive and the costs can pile up very quickly in a short period of time. How do you obtain legal services on the cheap?

Here are 5 tips to obtaining legal advice on a budget.

  1. Do As Much As You Possibly Can On Your Own

Before consulting with a lawyer, take your time and educate yourself on a few legal concepts and procedures. This will help you to do some routine legal matters by yourself. Remember, your lawyer’s time is expensive, therefore, the more you can handle on your own, the more money you will save. For example, if you are well informed and you know how to file a petition for your divorce case, you will only need to hire a lawyer when the court hearings begin.

  1. Visit A Law School

Find out if the local law school in your area operates legal clinics. This would be a great place to consult with an upcoming lawyer under the supervision of an experienced attorney. The students are not licensed to practice law yet, however, under the guidance of experienced law professors they can ensure that your case proceeds smoothly.

Many law school clinics will only represent individuals with very low income, therefore it is important to find out beforehand if you qualify.

  1. Look For A Local Pro Bono Program

Pro bono practice allows lawyers to fulfill their ethical and professional responsibility by providing legal help for free. These services go a long way in helping individuals who would otherwise be denied or deprived of legal representation.

Do your research and find out which local pro bono programs are available in your area. You could check online or visit the nearest legal aid office for assistance. You could also look for legal programs that reduce the legal fee or provide free initial consultation with the lawyer.

  1. Determine If Your Case Can Be Settled In A Small Claims Court

Small claims courts were designed to resolve the small day to day disputes that happen every day. They are less expensive and you can represent yourself. If the stakes in your case are very low you can consider a small claims court.

  1. Make Sure That You Hire The Right Attorney

When you are on a budget, ensure that you consult with the right lawyer. Specialization is important. Obtaining legal advice from a lawyer who is not well versed with your case can be very expensive.

A general practice lawyer who offers a wide range of services but specializes in none can save you money in the initial stages but his lack of expertise in your specific field could be very costly in the long run. Hire the right lawyer from the beginning and you will save a lot of money.


These 5 tips will help you a great deal as you seek to obtain legal advice while on a budget. For all your commercial and civil costs, especially in areas of clinical negligence, housing, and civil liberties and high-value personal injury, TMC Legal Services will offer you the best client care, give your case the attention it deserves and their pricing arrangements are flexible and competitive.