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5 Tips to Using Bail Bonds


Bail bonds can be a hassle to get, especially if you are not aware of the rules and regulations involved. That’s why most people find it difficult to secure their loved ones freedom as quickly as they would wish. To help you understand bail bonds better and secure your release or that of a loved one, here are 5 tips to using bail bonds.

1. Contact a bail bond professional immediately you are arrested

Other than in cases where family members are willing to post bail for the arrested person, bail bonds are handled by professionals. Since these professionals are in the business of offering bond services for a financial return, it makes sense to contact them immediately you are arrested. They will not only provide bail, but also help clarify the magnitude of the offense you or your loved one are arrested for. This information can help you strike a better deal with your lawyer once you, or your loved one has been released on bail.

2. Negotiate the repayment fees

When looking to engage a bails bond company, don’t settle for the first offer that they give you. Negotiate and bring the fees down. To better do this, talk to your lawyer and let them help you understand the nature of your offense. If it’s not serious, use this as leverage to drive down your bail bond fees. After all, there are many companies offering bail bond services, making it unlikely for a company to deny you bail bond services; over fees disagreements.

3. Use your most accessible asset as collateral

The whole reason why you are looking for a bail bond company is that you want to secure your release or that of a loved one as quickly as possible. That’s why when you enter into negotiations with a bail bond service provider, you should offer your most accessible asset as collateral. For instance, if you have a debit/credit card that has money in it, give it as collateral. Trying to use assets that are far away or hectic to collateralize, will only increase the time that you spend behind bars. It’s best to use what is readily available and secure your freedom.

4. Have the necessary bail bond information ready

As a rule, there is certain information that bail bond service providers will ask for before they can pay your bail. Some of this information includes the defendant’s name, the location they are held, and the charges. To fast track your bail application process, have this information ready, before approaching a bail bond service provider. It will save on time, and secure your loved one’s release fast.

5. Have a clear idea on the type of bond you want

There are different types of bonds out there ranging from felony bonds to misdemeanor bonds. With a good understanding of what type of bond you are looking for, you can set more favorable terms with the bail bonds agent. If you or your loved one are arrested for a misdemeanor, you would be in a position to request for easier bond bail terms than someone arrested for something more serious, such as a felony.

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