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What I Wish Everyone Knew About Uber Accidents

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Car accidents are one of the worst forms of accidents. While in certain cases, there is little or no injury, car accidents can otherwise be fatal. Injuries can be severe, which means more medical bill, absence from work, property loss as well as monetary loss. There is a great deal of emotional and psychological trauma involved too. In any case, one’s everyday life is disrupted in multiple ways. While there’s a possibility of making claims to the insurance company involved in the losses incurred, there are a lot of things one should know before applying for reimbursements.

Hire a lawyer

Always hire a lawyer. He is the one who will tell you about the laws involved and your rights as a victim. A lawyer will collect all the evidence and do all the documentation, which is otherwise impossible in case you are severely injured. The lawyer will be inclined to help you and you don’t need to pay him unless you receive your reimbursements. In case any long time medical attention is needed by the victim, the lawyer will make sure they receive that too.

Call the police immediately after the accident

This is extremely important. The police will provide a valid document regarding the type of accident and the damage caused.

Visit the doctor

Do not skip this step, no matter the severity of the injury. This will again serve as a proof that will be essential while claiming for money.

Know the company’s insurance policy

This is important if you are a driver and have met with an accident. Different companies have divided the validity as well as the amount of the claim based on whether the app is ‘on’ or not, or whether there’s a passenger in the car. Uber and Lyft do not allow claims if the app in ‘off’ and hence the driver is left at the mercy of the car insurance company, who have a different set of rules, based on the damage caused to the car and the driver.


If you are aware of your surroundings after the Uber accident, try to remember details such as the vehicle number or the people around. Try to remember any witnesses you might have seen. Though it is the lawyer’s job to collect witness statements, you can be positively helpful. This will speed up the process of claiming.


No matter how fast you collect the document, the process of making claims is a tedious one and takes a certain amount of time. Please have patience and keep all the medical bills and receipts safe. The same is applicable to witness statements and police reports.

Approaching the insurance company

Make sure you approach the company only in the presence of your lawyer. Never submit any written or verbal declaration without your lawyer’s consent or approval.

These are the most basic points, each one of us should know about Uber accidents. For more details, one can consult an Auto Injury Lawyer, a type of personal injury lawyer.

Crystal J. Pace is a professional legal writer worked with many companies. She is currently associated with West Coast Trial Lawyers, Auto Accident Attorney California. She loves to share her views regarding law.

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