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5 Things to Do if You Have Been in an Automobile Accident

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Automobile accidents occur due to various reasons. They might happen due to over speeding, the driver’s driving skills, the driver might be under the influence of alcohol or drugs, road infrastructure, among many other factors. These accidents result in damages, either to the car or properties within the accident scene, injuries or even death.

According to the Allstate America’s Best Drivers Report 2017, California has been ranked position 42 among the top 200 safest cities to drive. However, this does not eliminate the city from accidents and motorists still need to be careful on the roads. Below are five things one can do when they have been in an automobile accident within Glendale, CA.

1. Do not leave the scene

It is crucial to the lives of the victims that you remain at the accident scene. Compose yourself, calm down and figure out how you can be of help. Look out for your safety and the victims. If you have a car, park it aside far from the scene. Depending on whether the accident or major, you can assist by signaling to other drivers and lead the other automobiles to a safer location, or wait for police arrival.

2. Call for help

Check the status of the victims and seek immediate medical attention.  The injuries might seem minor, but you might never know the extent of the injury. It might be internal. Get in touch with police from the nearby police station. Police involvement helps in further investigations to determine the main cause of the accident. They will also assist in claiming for accident compensation.

3. Get additional information

Collect more details from witnesses around the accident scene. Get further information such as vehicle description, names, and contacts of passengers, as well as eyewitnesses. Refrain from making any comments about the accident that might be misunderstood or sign any documentation that is neither from the police or insurance company.

4. Keep a record

Record keeping can be done by taking pictures of the accident scene. Pictures will show evidence of the extent of damage to the cars and injuries inflicted, the overall road condition and any additional marks within the accident scene. Documentation of the accident will boost your chances of getting compensated through personal injury claims or your insurance agency in case you are the one involved. It will also serve as evidence of that victim that might have been seriously injured such as in cases that lead to disability.

5. Get in touch with an attorney

It is always advisable to get in touch with your attorney whether you have suffered an injury or not. Contact an experienced attorney from a reliable firm with a strong track record and who will never fail you as their client. In injury cases, an attorney will give you the guidance on what to do so as to be compensated.

You will never go wrong with an auto accident attorney who has devoted their practice to personal injury victims and who will hold your hand until you either win or settle a case. Get in touch with them for more information about their services.

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