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5 Family Law Technology Tips and Tricks

Family Law Technology Tips And Tricks

Technology now dictates every part of our lives – and family law is no different. You now have a number of different apps and programs that can help divorce professionals handle their cases and make their work lives much easier in the process.

For example, all of us take pictures with our smartphones and post them online. Well, every single picture someone takes contains geotags within the EXIF data that contains a huge deal information a person might not want to share with you, including location, the time picture was taken, etc.

But we’ve just scratched the surface with that example. Professionals have been using these tech tricks for years at this point to get additional information about their cases and clients.

Without further ado, here five technology tricks that will help you with your job…

1. Use Online Tools for Case Management

When co-parents are prone to arguments, you need something that will make communication simpler. If you’re tired of lengthy email exchanges you should use an online co-parenting tool to make the process easier. Plus, these tools allow you to have a complete record of client communication.

2. Make Electronic Copies of Exhibits and Transcripts

Technology can actually help you keep your composure in court. You can use tools like Adobe Acrobat to scan, store and keep all of your documents in complete order. Simply insert the page numbers on lengthy exhibits and direct the eye witness to it during cross-examination.

3. Implement ESI Guiding Principles

Electronically Stored Information is data crated and stored in digital form, which requires the use of software. It’s found on any device that has optical, wireless and magnetic capabilities like flash drives, PCs and phones. Every state in America has different ESI rules, therefore, you should implement principles to remain aware of your state’s rules and regulations on ESI.

4. Leverage Legal Proofreading Software

Law always demand perfection and little, non-substantive mistakes in documents give off an impression that they attorney is uncaring and sloppy. Since there’s not always time to check everything, you should start using proofreading software to check every capitalization, hyphen and italicization.

5. Pay Attention to the Client’s Social Media

No means no – you’re certainly aware of that fact – but did you know that contacting someone over Facebook is a violation of the “no-contact” order? While a Facebook like doesn’t seem like a “contact” it may potentially land your client in jail. Therefore, make sure to closely monitor your client’s online activities and explain this in detail.

The Bottom Line

These five tricks will definitely make your job a lot easier. You’ll be able to easily communicate with your clients, research cases and even help your clients stay out of legal trouble with these technology tips.

Lastly, try to stay on top of tech solutions, because technology is advancing at a speed of light and you don’t want to miss out on anything that could potentially change the way you do your job.

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