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5 Questions You Need to Ask Yourself Before Hiring a Lawyer

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Life is challenging, and there are chances that you might find yourself in a condition where you need to hire a lawyer. Undoubtedly, when you find yourself in some legal problem, it makes you feel like in the seventh circle of the hell.

So, whether you want guidance regarding criminal, bankruptcy, estate planning, and divorce or for corporate case – it is vital that you hire a renowned layer with great potential. Doesn’t matter how intelligent you are, but you can’t even try to manage such things alone without the tactical advice of a lawyer.

Hiring a trustworthy law firm is a daunting task as you have to share minimalistic information with him. Referrals from co-workers or friends are great, but apart from this, you need to put your own efforts as well to ensure that you are choosing the right attorney.

To help you out, we have compiled a list of few important questions that one should ask before hiring a right legal representative.

Does the law firm license in the state where your business is situated?

It sounds like a stupid question, but you will be surprised to know that many lawyers practice without accreditation. And, many people get to fail to check whether the attorney they have hired is licensed to practice in their state or not. So, before hiring any lawyer, it is important to visit on the website of your state’s bar and check that whether the lawyer has a license to practice in your state.

Your research doesn’t get end here; there is a secret that you might don’t know: there are many states that require a licensed attorney who has done his practice at the accredited law school. So, make sure that the lawyer you are choosing has taken the bar exam in one state and practiced law for some years in that state.

What is the area of law in which the lawyer is specialized

It is essential to know about the area of expertise of the lawyer you are hiring. For instance, if you need help regarding an adoption case, you should look for a family law lawyer who has worked successfully on such cases. In case your lawyer tells you that he can handle the cases of all types from immigration filings, tax law issues to injury cases, you should leave your chair and start coming back out from their office. Wondering why? Because, no lawyer can be an expert in so many areas, no matter how experienced or knowledgeable he is.

How long does the lawyer practiced law?

Before hiring an attorney, it is important to know about the lawyer’s expertise. At a minimum, how many cases he has handled in the area of expertise and how many he won or settled. Your legal issues are such a typical criteria that it should be given in the right hands to handle. Whether you are hiring the beginner or veteran attorney – all matters that you choose the right one by his knowledge and area of interest.

How will you communicate?

The most common complaints that various state bar authorities receive about the lawyers is that they don’t answer the client’s emails or phone calls on time. You never know when you need to contact your attorney for some non-emergency issue, so it is vital that you should stay in touch with the agreed ways.

What are the costs and fees, and how they should be billed?

In legal matters, attorneys almost charge by the hour if the case is criminal or prosecution as it is difficult to envisage how long it will take to resolve. However, for the cases like a commercial lease or immigration fillings, the experienced lawyers offer services on a flat fee basis. This is because they have an idea that how long it would take to solve the matter. Always ask your lawyer that if your legal issues can be resolved on a flat fee basis.


While these questions are helpful in every way, it is also essential that apart from this you should give priority to their skill level and knowledge.

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