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5 Signs That You Should Call a Personal Injury Attorney

Car Crash

If you are involved in a car accident, you are likely to experience stressful situations. You will have to go for medical appointments, pay the medical bills, miss work, suffer pain, and sometimes you may never return to your normal life. Personal injuries are common, but if the negligence of someone else caused your injuries, another consideration must be addressed: whether or not you should file a lawsuit. A personal injury lawyer will help you obtain compensation for the wrongful acts of others. The attorney will help you determine whether the case is worth pursuing. However, most people wonder when they should hire one. Here are five signs that you should call a personal injury attorney.

1. Severe Injuries

Extreme injuries can result from a car accident. If you suffered severe injuries because of a car crash, a car accident lawyer can get you the medical coverage and care you need. If you suffered minor injuries that do not prevent you from carrying out your daily activities, you could work out a settlement with your insurance company. If your injuries are severe, it is time you hired a professional. A personal injury lawyer will negotiate with your insurance company, and make sure the settlement you receive will cover all your medical and recovery care.

2. Insurance Company being Difficult

Most insurance companies are in business for themselves and not for victims. Your insurance company may decide to give you a low-ball settlement or decline from giving you any agreement at all. If you experience such a case, an attorney can help you. Contact a personal injury lawyer even before you talk to another party’s insurance company. Insurance companies have a habit of grilling victims with questions that trap them into misstating facts about the accident. An attorney will help you negotiate a settlement and prevent you from accidentally incriminating yourself.

3. Multiple Parties

In case there is more than one party involved in a personal injury case such as many drivers, everyone’s liability may be called into question by various parties. Such cases make responsibility unclear. Work with a personal injury lawyer to protect yourself from being accused of negligent when you are not to blame. Experienced lawyers such as personal injury attorneys will work in your best interest.

4. Defective Car Part

Some accidents occur due to an auto defect. If a defective car part caused the collision, the vehicle manufacturer is liable. A personal injury attorney will help you receive the additional compensation you are due. The lawyer will work with you to complete the paperwork and navigate the process, so you do not miss any evidence.

5. No Compensation for Missed Work

Sometimes you may miss work as you recover from a car accident. If this case, you are entitled to coverage for your lost wages. If your employer does not allow you to claim these funds or is making the reimbursement process difficult, a lawyer will act as a good go-between. You may be afraid to stand up to your boss, but your lawyer will not back down.

Personal injury attorneys are the best chance you have to make the reimbursement process smooth and successful.

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