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5 Tips to Help You Determine If You Are in Need of a Tax Attorney

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Most people get afraid when they hear the phrase tax attorney, but you don’t have to be as there are many reasons as to why you might need to hire one. Not all of these reasons are bad. Check out the tips below on why you might need to contact a tax attorney soon.

1. If you are starting a new business

Starting a business is not just about coming up with a product or service, finding a location for said business, and of course, doing marketing and advertising to make sure that your business will have customers. It also includes getting a permit, and of course, making sure that you pay all your taxes. You may have a question or two about the process since it is different when you were just an employee. If it is your first time to put up a business, it would be smart to consult with a tax attorney to make sure you do not miss any important step in the process of paying your taxes.

2. If your business deals with international clients, etc

If you’ve already put up a business and now you are set to expand to other countries. Depending on the country you are expanding your business to, there may be some stark differences in the way they do business. To make sure that everything is legal, get a tax attorney to help you with all the legal matters of having an international business. Whether it has something to do with how taxes are done in other countries or it may be about the contract you need to forge with a business from overseas, having a tax attorney will greatly help you.

3. If you want to file an appeal regarding an issue with the IRS

If you’ve had problems with the IRS regarding some tax issues, you can go to a tax attorney to get advice. Although in some cases, there are those who do not get a lawyer to represent them, it would still be better to get someone who is very familiar with the law. While there are accountants who can help you with IRS issues, you need to be aware that for lawyers, anything you tell them about your case will be in strict confidentiality and they will not divulge anything to the court. When getting a lawyer, make sure they not only have the proper education and qualifications, but also enough experience so that you know you are in good hands.

4. If you want to negotiate the taxes you are paying back to the IRS

Also get a lawyer when you want to make a deal with the authorities when it comes to paying some back taxes. If you feel that you cannot pay all the amount in one go, a good attorney will be able to help you come up with a more realistic plan to pay it back.

5. If you are preparing your will for your heirs

It’s never too soon to make a will if you have heirs and an estate that you will include in your will. A tax attorney can help you come up with a better strategy to ensure that your heirs will not have to pay too much estate tax.

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