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5 Tips for Hiring a Criminal Appeals Lawyer


The criminal law fraternity is such an erratic one, with lots of pointers that if well scrutinized will either build a solid or weak case for the accused; consequently triumphing the respondent with a full acquittal from the charges, plea bargains, or a prison sentence in the event of a weak defense. If you are convicted of criminal charges, whether infractions (crimes that cannot be served with jail terms) such as improper disposal of garbage, misdemeanors (crimes with a maximum sentence of 12 months), or felonies which entail the most far-reaching classification of crimes; you need a criminal law to significantly mollify the efforts of the prosecution in evincing that your perpetrated every aspect of the charges preferred against you. A few  pointers to engaging the services of a promising criminal appeals attorney include:

An attorney with robust & successful experiences in criminal appeals will serve you best

An appeal certainly means you did not make it to the safe side of the case during the first trial, hence the need for a lawyer who can better and successful withstand the shots fired by the prosecution team. Consequently, seek a lawyer who has particularly over the years emerged proficient in triumphantly overseeing criminal cases. The best way to gauge the competence of an attorney in criminal appeals is requesting for records of favourable judgments settled by him or her in the recent past.

Experience with local courts is a bonus attribute

A criminal appeals lawyer familiar with different stakeholders in the local courts such as judges, especially in the court where you will be filing an appeal can earn you an advantage in the pending case. This is because, with a knowledge of how the legal fraternity operates at your local courts, the attorney will know how to argue your case before different judges based on past encounters.

Scrutinize reviews from former clients & ask for referrals from trusted sources if possible

Consult various reputable client testimonial sources to ascertain the success level of the attorney in handling criminal appeal cases. Strive even further and be curious to know their specialization of practice, peer endorsements, standing in the bar, and much more. Furthermore, you could even inquire for a good appeals lawyer from trusted friends, family members, and acquaintances.

Competent attorneys never guarantee specific outcomes

A court’s outcome is such an unpredictable one, and can only be pegged on what transpires in the courtroom between the evidence presented by the prosecution team, the defense tabled by the lawyers, and the ultimate judgment delivered by the judges. Therefore, be keen with attorneys who promise to absolve you of the criminal charges even before they get down to listening at your bit of the story.

Consider the lawyer’s pricing against what you can afford

Finally, remember to understand the structure by which you will be remunerating the lawyer to distinguish whether you can comfortably sustain it to the very end of the case, as different attorneys charge differently for their services. Be keen on lawyers that quote dramatically low fees, while at the same time don’t drastically opt for expensive attorneys as it is not the only guarantee to quality services.

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