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Why You Need Automobile Insurance and Classes of Car Insurance

Car Insurance

Car insurance is compulsory almost the world over because it is that necessary. In fact, it is a legal requirement. Even if it was not, it is important to have you and your family are covered against any eventualities on the road. So much could go wrong in a split second and you could find yourself with damages to take care of.

Apart from car repairs as a result of an accident, you could be liable to meet medical costs for injuries to other drivers and pedestrians as well as property damaged in an accident that you may be responsible for.

How does having car insurance help you?

Car insurance takes over your expenses in the event of a vehicular accident. Every motorist must be insured against their liability to other drivers, pedestrians, and passengers. If you were to be involved in a car accident and you were required to pay for damages and injuries caused, you would find yourself overwhelmed. The amount of money needed to cover resulting consequences of an accident is tremendous and that is an understatement.

Car insurance also comes in handy if your vehicle isstolen, is wrecked or isburned up in a fire. Buying a new car immediately may not be possible. If you look up companies like AXA automobile insurance that deal in car insurance, you will be informed about how first they can get you a replacement vehicle even as they scout around for a suitable car for you.

What happens if you are not insured?

  • For starters, you will be in a whole world of trouble with the law. Nobody wants that.
  • You could be fined, have your license confiscated or even land yourself in jail.
  • You also stand to have your vehicle seized. If it is not yours, your troubles just went off the charts.

If you are involved in an accident, especially if you caused it, it does not help thinking about the trouble you could find yourself in. The government regards such cases with a lot of weight and it is constantly reviewing penalties for unlicensed motorists who caused fatalities in accidents.

What types of car insurance are you likely to come across?

You have three to choose from:

  1. Comprehensive

The comprehensive cover is the highest that you can get. It covers you against damaged caused to your car as well as to other cars involved in the accident. It also includes a temporal replacement car and for an extra cost, it will cover your legal fees if you are sued.

  1. Third party

This one is the minimum you can get for your vehicle as stipulated by the law. However, that does not make it the cheapest. A third party cover takes care of injuries to other people and damage to property belonging to others.

  1. Third party, fire and theft

Similar to Third Party, this cover has the additional features of covering the cost of repairs for your vehicle or a replacement one if your car is stolen or goes up in flames.

You must get yourself covered if you are a motorist and you should try to take any shortcuts on this one, but you can find out from companies like AXA automobile insurance and other insurance companies how to go about getting a cover.

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