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Finding The Right Lawyer For Your Case


When it comes to obtaining a lawyer, you want to be sure to perform your due diligence. Having a lawyer that’s either not experienced in a case like yours, or not experienced period, can cost you financially or if it’s a serious offence, time behind bars. If time permits, you should run through a step-by-step process of finding the best attorney for your case and you personally. Here’s how to do it:

Dependent upon what kind of case you’re involved in, you should specifically look for lawyer with that type of expertise.

Public interest lawyer: will be appointed to you by a government agency or a nonprofit if you can’t afford an attorney yourself. These lawyers usually promote things like legislation reform to perform the greater good for society as a whole.

Private sector lawyer: these lawyers don’t work for the public or the government, but rather a private company. If you run a large company in need of representation, this might be the lawyer for you.

Trial lawyer: these lawyers will mostly focus on malpractice or corporate law. They usually specialize in criminal or civil suites; so dependent on your case you’ll be looking for a different type of lawyer

Immigration lawyer: as immigration laws are continually changing, you may need a lawyer for this purpose. If you’re in the process of obtaining a green card or citizenship, but facing adversity, a lawyer might be a good call.

Estate planning lawyer: this type of lawyer will help you plan what will happen to your estate and assets once you’re deceased. There are a lot of complicated tax laws involving estates and assets left to surviving family members, for that reason these lawyers are very specialized.

Personal injury lawyer: you can obtain this lawyer if someone who was injured is suing you or if you are the one suing a person or company for your injury. The injury doesn’t have to be physically. You can sue for mental harm as well.

Civil rights lawyer: There are different types of civil rights attorneys. For example, you might seek an attorney that specializes in discriminatory actions. Civil rights are the core of the United States laws, so the basis of the defense will be that those rights were trampled on. 

Real estate lawyers: these lawyers can do a number of things revolving around real estate. They might help close deals having to do with real estate, represent the buyer or the seller if the deal falls through, or help clients with the necessary paper work and obtaining the correct permits when it comes to real estate.

Legal malpractice lawyers: Sometimes even lawyers need lawyers. If a lawyer is accused of doing something wrong during a case, their client for the damages can sue him or her. If this is your case, the lawyer you’re seeking is a legal malpractice lawyer.

After you figure out just which type of lawyer you’re going to need to represent you, you should start asking family, friends, and co-workers for recommendations and referrals. The best way to gain trust in a lawyer is to trust in their previous client’s testimonials. If you’re not having luck finding a lawyer through someone you know, you can look for a lawyer of distinction through sites like this. To find a lawyer on the lawyers of distinction site, you just have to plug in your state and the specialization (which you’ve already identified) and scroll through until you find a profile that resonates with you. Luckily, the site offers the lawyer’s bios and contact information so that you can take your attorney search to the next level.

Once you’ve found a few lawyers that match what you need, you should meet with them and ask questions of importance to you. Some examples would be, what is your rate of success? How much time will you be able to dedicate to my case? How much will this cost? Once you’ve asked enough lawyers these questions, you can narrow down your search and finally choose the one you feel best fits your needs.

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