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Important Documents to Present to Car Accident Lawyers

Car Accident

When we are caught in a car accident, the first thing we think of is hiring an attorney. It would be best if you already have an attorney-at-law to represent you. When it is time to submit a claim, you need to go through a fact-oriented process. There are essential documents that you need to present to justify and evaluate your claim.

You have to remember that the process is lengthy. And before the settlement comes,  you are likely done treating the damages.

When you ask for help, you need to present certain documents to provide a full understanding of the case. A car accident lawyer will examine these relevant documents to assess the case.

Car’s Insurance Policy

It is best to have a car insurance policy. The insurance gives you an idea of the coverage and exclusions if you make a claim. Your attorney needs to see a copy of the insurance to determine the type of insurance recovery you are entitled to claim. But, if you do not have a copy, relax. Your attorney can obtain one from the insurance company by asking your authority approval.

Information at the Scenario of Accident

Provide information about the parties involved in the accident. Give your lawyer the names and phone numbers of the other party.

Tickets Related to the Accident

Inform your lawyer if you are given any ticket related to the accident. There is a considerable chance the insurance company will downplay some facts about the car accident, most especially if the citation was given to the responsible party for their involvement in the crash. The tickets will prove that there should be no dispute as to who is at fault.

Picture Documentation

It is a good idea to have picture documentation of the car damage. Give the pictures you have in possession to your lawyer. If a representative of the insurance company possesses some photos of the accident, especially of the car, you have to tell this to your lawyer as well.

Statements from Witnesses

Some witnesses may provide statements to the police for the accident report. But, representatives from the insurance company may also ask a statement from you. If this happens, you have the right to request a copy of the statement you gave.

If you were able to secure a copy, give it to your lawyer. But, if you do not have the copy, let your lawyer know so he or she can obtain a copy for you. Witness statements are a great help to determine who is at fault during a car accident.

Medical Records

It is common in car accidents for the victims to sustain physical injuries, and of which, you will seek for medical care and attention. You need to provide copies of the medical records, including the diagnosis and the recovery time you sustained from the injuries.

Psychological Records

Car accidents may cause emotional and mental trauma to the victims. It is required to seek psychiatric or psychological care right after being involved in a car crash. The lawyer will need a copy of the treatment records and a release form from your mental health providers.


Remember, if you ever get involved in a car accident, get help from a car accident lawyer immediately. Prior to seeking help, you also need to gather relevant documents to present. It is a long process. But with the guidance of an expert you can breeze through the process without a hitch.

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