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Six Important Things That You Should Always Expect from Your Lawyer

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Whether you are hiring a lawyer for personal injury claim, social security case or workers compensation claims, you must find the right attorney. Lawyers understand the law and legal procedures and this may help you get desirable results for your case. Here are a few things that you should expect from the attorney that you hire.


Communication issues may make you feel as though you have a bad attorney or you may feel like he/she is not doing a good job. Your legal representative should give you a description of your legal issue and tell you what you should expect. A good attorney will ensure that you know what is expected of your case and will ensure that you are informed of any new developments in your case. Most lawyers will communicate with their clients through email, fax, phone, or one-on-one.

Ability to listen

Every individual case is unique and individuals have different goals. Regardless of the case that you are facing, you need to find a lawyer who will listen to your side of the story and help you get the results you want. Your attorney can only know about your interests and values if he/she takes time to listen to you. Most lawyers offer their clients a free initial consultation to get to know their case and determine whether they can handle it or not.

Knowledge of the law

You expect your legal representative to have a better understanding of the law. The legal representative should have experience handling similar cases. This is important because even though regulations and statutes can be found online and in law books, their application greatly differs from what is written. With a specialized attorney, you will be confident that you are getting the best services from a professional who knows what he/she is doing. Visit Cummings & Lewis personal injury to get unmatched legal representation.

Legal fees

When hiring a lawyer, you must ensure that your fee agreement is put in writing. The contract should indicate how often you will be charged and should compel the legal representative to give an itemized statement. If you are on a contingency fee, you must ensure that you know how this fee will be calculated and know who will pay for the costs involved when the lawsuit is in progress.


When dealing with legal matters, confidentiality is important. Anything that you tell your lawyer should be kept secret. This means that you should feel comfortable and free to discuss anything regarding the case with your lawyer. You should not worry about anyone competitors getting the information you share with your attorney.


Every federal state has ethical laws that lawyers must adhere to. Your legal representation should show handle your case with undivided loyalty and represent you competently and within the bounds of the law. In addition, attorneys should put the interest of their clients ahead of their own and keep clients’ information confidential. Every state will have an attorney discipline agency that is meant to enforce these rules. Violation of these ethical rules may result in monetary fines or suspension of the attorney’s license.

When you hire an attorney to represent you, you need to have confidence that he/she will offer diligent, competent representation. The legal representative should have your best interests at heart and should help you achieve whatever goals you have. With the best lawyer handling your case, you will be confident that everything will be done according to the law and you will get the results you desire.

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