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What To Do If You’re Injured On Someone Else’s Property

Accident Injury

Even though you may think the law says if you hurt yourself on someone else’s property they should be held liable, it doesn’t always guarantee you’ll be compensated for the injuries you sustain.

There are a variety of factors which can make you ineligible for being covered. If you’re trespassing, for example, you can forget about suing for damages. However, if you can prove that your injuries were a result of negligence on the property owner’s part and you were legally on the premises, then you may have a successful outcome if you hire a qualified attorney.

If you’ve been injured on someone else’s property and believe they should be held liable for the damages you suffered, make sure that you follow these steps to ensure that you’ve got a strong enough case.

Collect Evidence at the Scene

Following the accident, you should get photos of the scene which will serve as evidence. Taking photographs helps prove to illustrate the negligence by the property owner. Take photos which are clear and in focus so that you have as much documentation to back up your case as possible.

Gather Contact Information

In order to help your lawyer prepare for court, you should have contact information for everyone that is involved, from witnesses to your insurance company to the property owner.

Failing to provide your lawyer with all of the information that they need could result in things running less smoothly.

Seek Medical Attention

Regardless of whether you assume you’re ok or not following an accident, you should always seek the evaluation of a medical professional. Often an injury may not seem apparent immediately, however, over time the symptoms can start to take on new injuries.

Injuries to your head, spine, and neck which are particularly serious can sometimes take hours to days to appear.

Waiting to see a doctor won’t work in your favor when the insurance company and court look at your case. Since people often exaggerate their injuries in order to get a higher settlement, the fact that you waited to get medical attention will bring up suspicion about your intentions.

It’s not uncommon for the judge to dismiss the case entirely if the injuries you’re claiming don’t’ seem legitimate.

Choose The Best Attorney

Not all lawyers are created equal, and not all of them specialize in the same field. Once you’ve received medical treatment and have an idea of how bad things are, you should find the right attorney for the job.

They’ll be able to communicate on your behalf with your insurance representatives and property representatives who may be trying to talk you into an early settlement to avoid more compensation than they would like.

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