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Seven Qualities of the Best Bankruptcy Attorneys


Filing for bankruptcy is mostly a voluntary decision and a lawyer only guides you by giving you a list of your best debt relief options. However, once you decide to file for bankruptcy, then you will need the best lawyer to take you through that tough financial crisis. For you to get that needed fresh start after filing the bankruptcy petition, you will need a good lawyer by your side. This lawyer possesses the following qualities:

1. Highly experienced

An experienced lawyer should have actively and successfully practiced bankruptcy law for some years. With the experience gained, the lawyer will understand local laws, local Atlanta court rulings on such cases, trustee preferences, and ways of working with the creditor attorneys. Your lawyer should also have a good standing representing such cases in the court room.

When looking for a good attorney, make sure you ask the tough questions on the number of bankruptcy cases they handle annually, years they have practiced and whether they have handled Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 filings.

2. Area of specialty

The best bankruptcy attorney must have specialized in this exact area of the law. This means that they should have been adequately trained in the area and should have worked in bankruptcy to gain needed experience. Knowledge of current tax laws is also important.

3. Their fees

You are in a financial crisis meaning that you need to find the best representation but at a reasonable rate. A good bankruptcy lawyer understands this and will therefore give flexible payment arrangements if you ask for it.

You should steer off lawyers charging too low because this could imply their inexperience in the field and they will give you poor representation. Also, unless you are a really big person or handling very complex financial issues, avoid too high fees.

The fees and the mode of payment also depend on the type of case filed. A Chapter 7 case will have the lawyer seeking full payment before the case is filed and the Chapter 13 case allows for upfront payment of some amount and completion of the full amount after the case.

4. Credit repair resources

Your credit standing will be poor after filing for bankruptcy. The best lawyers have the resources necessary to repair your credit standing. For example, they should be able to provide contacts of lenders who are bankruptcy friendly, the best credit counsellors, or credit repair agencies.

5. Relationship

Hire an attorney interested in building a professional relationship with you. The attorney should be willing to sit down with you and answer your questions, have a qualified legal assistant, and they shouldn’t put pressure on you. Basically, you need an expert willing to listen to you, then offer the sound professional advice.

6. Passion

A passionate lawyer will engage you to answer questions, returns your calls, explains all the details of the process, and takes all your concerns seriously. This is the kind of lawyer you need by your side to win.

7. Reputable

Online reviews, referrals and recommendations to one name means they are good at what they do. A strong social media presence can also guide you. A good reputation means they are trusted and you can trust them too.

In conclusion, the best bankruptcy lawyers care about your needs and will do all the best to give you a fair ruling. Good communication and the ability to set clear terms also make the best lawyers.

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