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Save Your Core Assets with a Bankruptcy Filing


Many of us may find the thought of bankruptcy petrifying. It is associated with losing all we have and the spiral into bad credit is one of the worst things that can happen to a business, an individual or a family. However, bankruptcy is something that will actually prevent your situation from getting. It is a legal protection that will help you turn around your finances so you can have a fresh start. It is a time to acknowledge your financial reality. With an expert on hand, you can carve a strategy that will help you retain your essential assets.

Understanding Repossession

To prevent repossession, you first need to understand the legalities that allow it to happen in the first place. Creditors can use certain legal clauses to take your assets if you have not paid your debts. From your end, you can file Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy to give yourself some breathing space and prevent repossession of your core assets.

If you are facing the loss of your assets, it is advised that you find an expert attorney who is familiar with repossession in Texas. Your attorney will negotiate with your creditors armed with a lot of knowledge and case studies. There are times when laws get interpreted unfairly on behalf of creditors and you need to avoid this situation.

There are certain steps you can take to prevent repossession of your assets. The main reason for this to arise would be the debt you owe. Consolidate your existing funds and liquid assets and try to make some late payments. This is easier said than done of course but there are other ways to buy more time. You can also reinstate your loan and there are several conditions to this option. Refinancing a car loan is another option to stop repossession. However, bankruptcy is the last resort when your funds are not good enough to cover your debts.

Why Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy has several tools that will protect not only your creditors’ but your interests too. An automatic stay can stop you from losing your car. You can even file a bankruptcy after the vehicle has been repossessed and get it back. There are certain conditions and clauses which legal experts can shed more clarity on.

Bankruptcy can give you back your peace of mind to an extent. You will not be bothered by constant calls from the banks or other debtors. If you are running a business and it is not able to handle the costs and debts anymore, a good bankruptcy lawyer can help you find a restructuring strategy to mitigate the damage.

What are the Signs?

At the end of the day, the biggest indicators of bad financial health are in your numbers. Are you able to make only minimum payments on your credit card? Are you charging more than what you can afford on your cards? Eventually, this will catch up with you as the credit will loom higher than your resources. It is a good time to reach out for some credit counseling.

Sometimes bad credit can impair our ability to complete other necessary tasks. Getting a job can become difficult with bad credit and even landlords check your credit before renting out a place. If you are facing these scenarios, it is time to speak to an expert. Check your credit score to see if you need to act urgently. Any score below 650 should ring the alarm bells. It is considered a lower point threshold for many financial institutions who give loans and credit.

Get an Evaluation

It is really easy getting in touch with a lawyer. Your confidentiality will be respected and you can begin the process from the comfort of your computer. The top firms will give you a free evaluation to help you make an informed decision. All you need to do is leave behind your name, an email address and a number and you will get some precious expert feedback, based on your unique situation.

The battle against a large institution is one that we don’t stand a chance to win without the knowledge and on our own. The banks and loaning companies have the resources and time that individuals don’t have. Therefore it is paramount that you arm yourself with the guidance of those who have these resources.

Bad credit is a problem across the state of Texas and beyond. It can happen to anyone. Leave your bad luck and bad decisions behind. Find a confidante and a friend with all the expertise. Turn things around with the right legal choices.

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