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Tracking Down Cyberbullies and How to Handle Them

Cyber Bullying

In the past, all you had to deal with were bullies in school or in the workplace, and when you got home you could breathe a sigh of relief since you are now safe from such people. In present times, there seems to be no escape from bullying since they can now harass you via the many social media portals that almost everyone uses. This makes your home less of a safe-haven from these actions since they can now follow you there via the Internet.

These people are called cyberbullies, and until recently, they went unchecked because people did not know what to do to stop them. Cyberbullies sometimes hide behind a mask of anonymity and harass an individual ruthlessly because they feel that they can’t get caught since they are not using their true identity. These days, however, when you find yourself a victim of a cyberbully, there are a few things that you can do to stop them and make them pay for their actions.

Finding the Culprit

The first thing you need to do when you find yourself the center of attention of a cyberbully is to not let them continue what they are doing. You can try to ignore them, block them from your social media accounts, or not engage them in order to stop them. Sometimes though, there are online bullies that find ways to harass you even when you are trying to avoid them, and these are the ones that you need to be careful of.

Bullies that find ways to demean you and take you down online may be dangerous and can actually threaten more than just your online persona. You can try to ask them to stop, but with most relentless bullies, asking them to stop is like pouring gasoline on a flame. The only way you can stop them if they do refuse to stop harassing you is to find a person who will help you locate these individuals and to persecute them for their actions.

To track down a cyberbully, you need to hire an investigator that specializes in locating such individuals. Make sure that you provide your investigator with all the messages, posts, and information that the bully has been sending and posting about you. These can help your case against the bully and can help locate them as well.

Your PI can locate even those bullies who are hiding behind another persona online, and they can gather proof that the bully harassing you and the person they find are the same person. Once your investigator finds the person bullying you online, and has all the evidence needed to prove this, you can proceed to the next step.

Reporting a Bully to the Authorities

Cyberbullying is no longer seen as a harmless prank by law enforcement since many youngsters and even a few adults have committed suicide due to the actions of these individuals. There have also been cases of cyberbullying crossing over into the real world, where bullies would start stalking and harming the person they have been demeaning online. To prevent these things from happening, reporting bullies to the authorities is what you must do after you find out who they are.

Bullies that go to the same school as the victim should be reported to school authorities and presenting evidence of such bullying can help put a stop to this. If the victim is being threatened with physical harm or is being extorted or blackmailed by these bullies, law enforcement needs to be notified about this.

You don’t need to take cyberbullying sitting down. You can do something about it, and finding a private investigator to help you is a good start.

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